Sammy Goldstein

Outgoing human agent known for weaving a tale


Samuel J. Goldstein stands out in a crowd, with flamboyant clothing and an extroverted style to match. He has blond hair, emerald green eyes, a short beard, and long, wild (never dirty) hair, kept under a fetching hat. He stands a couple of inches under six feet tall. He’s often wearing some sort of eye-catching garb, as if he were oblivious to the concept of fashion, such as a long purple coat with a bright yellow undershirt. Despite his unorthodox style, he manages to pull off his look in a charming way.

He loves finding adventuring groups, because they always have the best stories to tell, and on some occasions he’s been known to travel with a group for a bit, to experience first-hand their adventures. He’s handy enough with a weapon or two, since traveling the land is not always the safest endeavor, so he rarely holds a group back. Then he’ll just up and disappear during the night, only to show up in another town a few days later, ready to swap more stories—and still as enthusiastic as he was at eighteen and grinning that grin


The son of a wealthy alchemist, Sammy wanted for nothing as child. His father groomed him to take over the business when he turned of age but Sammy had other plans. Sammy pined for the arts, to capture hearts and minds with thrilling stories, and so he ran away to become a minstrel and raconteur.

Sammy has been entertaining audiences with his stories, songs, and music for over ten years, during which time he seems to have talked to everyone in the worlds and then some. It doesn’t matter whether he’s conversing with a farmer or an icon, Sammy gets people talking, and he listens with respectful attention. He has a reputation for always smiling no matter how bad things get, and it’s true.

Sammy had a knack for infiltration and subterfuge but in the most garish ways. He would show up to a den of thieves, wearing his traditionally obscene garments, but be so charming and delightful the criminals would want him around. This talent did not go unnoticed and at this point Sammy has worked for almost all the icons at one time or another. He is the definition of a free-lance agent but has an amount of honor atypical of mercenaries.

Sammy Goldstein

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