Red of Direwood


Red of Direwood’s story begins with his late mother, Rose Valencia. Rose was a chamber maid and secret mistress of the Emperor. During Rose’s love affair with the Emperor, she became pregnant with what would become Emperor’s first born son. Knowing that the Emperor would surely kill her child, Rose fled the kingdom of Axis, City of Swords.

With only a small satchel and the clothes on her back, she made her way to Santa Cora. There she sought refuge in the Cathedral of the Priestess. The Priestess, loving all things living and pure, oversaw the birthing of the child, Red. However, spies of the Emperor caught wind of the bastard child and were given direct orders from the Emperor himself to murder Rose and the child.

The Priestess having spies of her own, quickly gained knowledge of the assassination and advised Rose to flee with the newborn. However, the Priestess’ intel did not come as quickly enough and Rose found herself being pursued by the Emperor’s assassins hours after her departure. Unfortunately she became trapped, back to a steep cliff, with a roaring river running below. Surrounded, with no where left to go, Rose prayed to the High Druid and leaped off the cliff, child in arm, into the river.

By fate or by chance, a strange wanderer, Agustus Blackstone, so happened to be walking along the river where he stumbled onto a battered and waterlogged corpse. As he stepped closer to the body, he could hear only violent screams, screams so loud they muffled the roars of the cold river. He discovered that a child, barely larger than his palm, was tucked securely in the rigamortis stricken arms of a woman. The wanderer stripped the child of his soaked rags to find him wearing a medallion of the royal family. Agustus wrapped the boy into his cloak and continued on his way down the riverbank.

Red of Direwood

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