Pasha Pook

Heir to the Pook fortune, a gluttonous and decadent dwarf.


Pasha’s hair and beard is somewhat legendary around Anvil, measuring in at 9 feet and 4 inches long. The red locks are intricately braided and worn about himself as a sash some days and let loose to drag the ground like a wedding veil on others. The privilege of wealth has left Pasha with an appetite almost insatiable, going far beyond obesity into disability. He can walk for short periods of time on his own but is seen almost exclusively being carried by his attendants atop a litter.


The Pook family own one of the most profitable mining operations in all the land, with Pasha overseeing the Anvil division. He is frequently criticized by the workers for his frivolous spending and seeming lack of interest in being involved in the business. The majority of the funds he’s provided by the Pook family is burnt up building bigger and nicer palaces for himself and hosting extravagant galas and occasionally blood sports. For 7 years now Pasha has held The Blood Arts competition in his unseemly estate; a to-the-death, one on one arena of combat whose participants are unknowing performers picked up from the streets, thinking they were finally getting a big break.


Pasha Pook

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