Cera Otesa

A giant priestess of the Stone's Heart Chapel.


A devotee of the Order of Light, Cera lives in secrecy beneath the Stone’s Heart Chapel, using her powerful magic to better mankind. Her identity may be hidden but her presence cannot be; as with most Frost Giants her natural being decreases temperatures all around her leaving the chapel unnaturally cold and her personal halls feeling like a frozen fjord. Cera is kind and understanding to all those that show her respect and she has shown to be altruistic to a fault. Some think of her as a god but she refutes that notion, claiming to be but a tool of the true gods.

We are only fruits of the vine that sprout us, we cannot blame a grape for being sour or an apple for being sweet, it is simply what they do. We can, however, appreciate and respect all of creation for its diversity as that is where beauty originates.

Cera Otesa on whether she harbors resentment toward giantkin’s traditions.


In the high slopes of the Giantwalk Mountains, Cera was born to the Otesa Tribe of Frost Giants. She was very unlike her kin in that she was much more interested in the study of language and song. Almost without exception giantkin favor the art of war over expression, thus Cera was regularly chastised a thought to be a failure of a giant. Eventually she was begrudgingly trained as a Battle Maiden and sent to war.

The Emberbeard Tribe of Fire Giants had been sieging Frost Giant camps near the base of the mountains for weeks and the time for a counter-attack had come. Cera was shocked at the lightning speed in which death and destruction came. In a flash, all around her, the beauty of the world was marred by violence and pain and it overwhelmed her. She dropped her weapon, shed her helm, and fled into the countryside.

The few weeks that followed were together liberating and miserable for Cera. She was no trained hunter and constantly fought starvation in the unforgiving, sparse forests near the base of the mountains. As the weather became more blistering Cera lay down one evening for, what she had fully accepted to be, the last time. It would not be so, however, as the unconscious frost giant would be discovered by missionaries of the Stone’s Heart Chapel, named Tells-The-Good-Word and Blesses-The-Young.

Cera’s lack of battle regalia and failing health spurred the holy sisters to call upon the church the help this poor creature. It took two score of holy attendants to lift her onto a gigantic cart drawn by a half dozen mules. The chapel ran a tremendous risk in bringing her to the heart of Anvil but the chapel afforded more privacy than most portions of the fort-town. For days clerics poured elixers and prayers over Cera Otesa and just as death seemed inevitable her veins flared with soothing light and her eyes opened once more.

Exactly what happened is told only in rumors and may actually be unknown to any living creature, Cera included, but it is agreed upon to be a miracle. Since that day Cera has studied her passions, music, philosophy, and language, as well as becoming entrenched in holy scripture. She practices extraordinary magical abilities including suppressing earthquakes and healing plagues but must do it all from the secrecy and security of the chapel.

It is agreed upon by all the major figures that keeping Cera’s existence a secret is vital. Despite the immeasurable good she does for mankind she would never be accepted by the population; drawing undesirable attention from the reclusive frost giant tribes and potentially undoing all she’s worked for. Though she’s kept hidden she doesn’t live without luxuries, it’s said that her underground estate is larger than even the Priestesses Cathedral with all its features being five times as large to accommodate her stature.

Cera Otesa

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